Braised Chicken with Baby Artichokes

OakMonster - Food - Braised Chicken with Baby Purple Artichoke

When I scheduled a test kitchen day at work, I didn’t think about it being the first day of the Hobbit Diet. Not that it would change anything but it was interesting for me to try to log what I just made into MyFitnessPal app.

What was I going to test? Braised Chicken with Baby Artichokes, originally from Williams-Sonoma blog. Fortunately, someone else made a similar recipe–actually, one of the recipes I considered testing–and added the calorie counts to the database. Surprisingly, this recipe is quite a healthy one at 280 calories per serving (if serving 6).

My lab rats…I meant, coworkers…were VERY happy with the results. The sauce. Oh my god the sauce! It’s just awesome.

Easy one pot supper, I tell you!

I made it again for on Day 17 at home so Brandon could try Baby Artichokes. I served it with leftover rotini pasta, and that was a great idea. Brandon like the preparation but did not care for the artichokes…or the tomatoes (of course). That is fine because now I have all the leftover to myself.

For the next few days, I ate the leftover tossed in with the pasta. I think I like that even better than the chicken by itself.

OakMonster - Food - Braised Chicken with Baby Purple Artichoke

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