Lauren Week at the Borens

Brandon and I helped his 14-year-old niece Lauren escaped from Norco last Friday. (For those who don’t know, Norco is wayyy the heck out there in the Valley of the Dirt People, the 909, Riverside.) We’ve been getting her out of the hell hole at least once a month for the past few months because she really needs to get away from her house.

We had Brandon’s birthday bash on Sunday, and we were going to take her back that evening. But Lauren would’ve gone back to an empty house anyway since her mom, Brandon’s sister Stephanie, would be in San Diego with her boyfriend, besides we were dead tired from hosting the party, we decided to have her over until Wednesday.

Today’s Wednesday. Brandon’s wiped. So we are keeping Lauren with us until Friday now. 🙂

What has she been doing all day, you asked? She requires a beauty sleep of 12 hours. (I think I out-slept that as a teenager, competing with my dad to see who’d wake up later on Sundays.) She has the internet to play around with, a couple of PS2 games she wants to finish, and a thick book to read. Not to mention TV. We have food in the cabinet, and Mountain Dew in the fridge.

She’s 14, on a vacation from her Dr. Doolittle household, her little brother, her mom, and the 909. The girl can do whatever she wants here for the week. I’ve been coming home at lunch to make sure she has food. Yesterday she slept through the lunch break. Hehe. I’ll be taking her to have lunch with my friends at work tomorrow.

Today, with Brandon’s birthday money from his parents, we got to lavish Lauren with some new clothes (because we’re too lazy to do laundry), socks, and her summer reading book. Pretty much getting ready for high school freshman year this fall.

It’s the best thing in the world to see Lauren smile and have a good time. We hope we could motivate her enough. See, Lauren is a brilliantly smart kid. She has a love affair with books, and is probably one of the sweetest, wittiest, and probably oldest 14-year-old you’ll ever meet. Her parents are separated since last year, and that seems to hit Lauren the hardest. In her own word, she just stops caring about her grades. Why should she if nobody else care?

By getting her out here, we want to show her WE CARE. Care enough to let her escape, and help her with homework when she has them. I helped her with math once, and man was she thrilled when she got it!!

If we win the lottery tonight, we are so going to adopt her. Gods help me!

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