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Yet another culture shock. When I was growing up, Olympics is a very big deal. The whole country seems to stop to watch, to cheer on our own team–and even other countries’.

2004 Athens Olympics in the U.S.?

*cricket chirps*


Nobody around me is as excited about the games. Actually, nobody seems to care that much.

Another reason to feel home sick. We used to stay up even during school nights to watch the broadcast of any major sports events. Sometimes Daddy would come wake us up when the games were on, and let us slept the rest of the night on their bed or at least in their room.

But here, it seems I’m the only one staying up half the night watching the ceremony and following the games. In 2000 the NBC coverage was horrible I didn’t even bother to try to follow it. Although the coverage is a lot better, but NBC still sucks. Most of the coverage is not live on the west coast but time delayed from east coast, and other “important” matches are broadcasted later for prime time or some juicy television spots.

I have to rely on Yahoo! Sports and the NBC Olympics site to keep up to date, or else I just get left behind.

On that note: Thailand won the bronze in women’s weightlifting under 48 kg (about 106 lbs.) Yeah. The lifter is about my size and she frelling lifted about 221 lbs. to win the bronze.

Tomorrow morning, all of Thailand will be watching our boxer compete. Our hopes and dreams. This year we also have high hopes for Taekwondo and possibly tennis.

Thai-land! Thai-land! Thai-land! Thai-land!

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    Most events are not broadcast live on the east coast, either. I think that’s a big part of why people aren’t as interested. Some things are live here in the early morning, on MSNBC, CNBC, or USA cable channels. Maybe Bravo as well. Are those tape delayed for you, too?

    Also, Thailand gets little respect during the opening ceremonies. This year and at least one other during the opening ceremonies they were one of the countries shown “while we were away.” They seemingly still pretend the ceremonies are live, it seems, and then Thailand is one of the countries always rushed because they would’ve been shown during the commercials. So they rush them when they come back from the ad break.


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