The fights continue

CBS Sports actually has Thailand’s Olympic Medals history. It’s always been the boxing boys since the first medal, a bronze, in 1976 Montreal, to the first gold in Atlanta, and 3 medals maximum.

Here in Athens, we’ve beaten all the odds and all the records with 4 medals won already and the boys are just finishing up quarterfinals. All the medals so far are in weightlifting, and all by women.

Thai female athletes, basked in the glory of the women’s lifters, and the men, wanting the medals more than ever, are putting in their efforts to garner more medals for their country.

High Hopes:

  • Boxing: Bantamweight quarterfinals tomorrow morning, Middleweight and Flyweight quarterfinals on Wednesday, and Light Welterweight semifinal on Friday.
  • Taekwondo: Another potential for a woman’s medal here. TKD bouts start Wednesday.

Others left standing:

  • Tracks and Fields: Only one high jumping lady left in the competition, and we’re not supposed she’s going to go too far.
  • Sailing: What do I know about sailing? But the guy is still hanging in there so that’s good news.

*THIS JUST IN* – It’s not even on the official medal count yet, but it seems Thailand has just won another bronze in Men’s 1500 meter wheelchair.

*THEN AGAIN MAYBE NOT* – Okay we came in 3rd in the final wheelchair, but there’s no medal for that? I guess maybe it was an exhibition sport? Hmm….

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