Last Hopes

Thai Taekwondo team is not doing as hot as the country has expected. Our pride-and-joy girl lost her shot at the gold today, but may still get a chance at the bronze.

How do they do that? Olympics TKD competition is set up this way: anyone who lost to the 2 finalists in the first round get to compete with losers from semifinals for the bronze. So our female athlete still has a shot.

On the other hand, our guy didn’t make it very far.

We’re not giving up yet. There are still 2 more athletes going on in the heavier weight groups.

And the boxing boys are back in the rings tomorrow and Saturday.

*BREAKING NEWS* Yaowapa Boorapolchai of Thailand won Taekwondo bronze in the Women’s Flyweight (49kg/108lbs) category. First ever for our Taekwondo team.

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