Magic Hour

2 beers!

That’s 1 beer more than my usual alcohol capacity, a one beer wonder that I am. I’m well alcoholized at this point. What a perfect time to blog, although I could never compete with MacDaddy on the drunken rant writing department.

I just got home from a night out in LA with a bunch of friends, former HSXers–people I used to work with at HSX–and Chris and Brandy. Elan, who has uprooted and moved to Paris 5 months ago, is visiting, and tonight is the only night she has available.

So I worked the OakMonster magic and pulled together a small gathering at, now my new favorite pub, St. Nick’s on 3rd. And even managed to drag Brandon up there with me. Imagine that!

**Okay, this is where I have to start the blog over. Stupid pop up blocker thing wouldn’t let me do spell check. Once I allow the pop up, the page reverted back. And I lost the whole page of what I just wrote. So much for original drunken rant!**

** And I decided to do a little editing this morning. Holy crap was out out of my grammatical mind when I wrote this last night. Yes, more that my usual bad grammar. **

It is at such gathering with former HSXers that I realize just how much I miss living in LA. I miss calling up my friends to come out to a bar, and everyone could show up with in 30 minutes give or take time to park. Everyone lives within 10 miles radius.

In Long Beach, folks who live close enough are mostly friends of Brandon’s. They’re my friends too now, and I love hanging out with them. We actually did share some 3rd hour magic many many times. But they’re really Brandon’s friends. I feel a bit odd dragging them out to drink without having Brandon along.

I was telling Brandon that he missed out a lot of the fun back in the days at HSX because he didn’t go out drinking with us.

Then it hit me.

I may be close with the guys at my current work, but I could never be as close to them as I am with HSXers until we go out drinking.

For average drinking population, it’s about the 3rd hour of drinking at a bar when things start to get interesting. You lose your inhibitions almost completely. Your guards are down.

It’s in this 3rd hour that magic happens.

You can see eye to eye, soul to soul. Words fall easily out of your mouth, ideas out of your brain.
Suddenly we find ourselves discussing the meaning of life, theory of love, measure of success, dark secrets, deep desires, hidden fantasies, religion, philosophy, movies with monkeys, movies without monkeys, color of your underwear. Whatever that really matters, or doesn’t really matter but it feels important to discuss at the time.

It is in the 3rd hour when you reveal yourself to your drinking buddies, and them to you. It is the time when true friendship is forged.

You have seen me at my most vulnerable, and I’ve seen you at yours. You know from this moment on, we will be the one holding each other’s hair back while one of us converse with the porcelain god after the next drink; that if the girl’s bathroom is broken, your guy friends will check inside and guard the door of the boy’s bathroom for you. You know that from this moment on, you will always have a shoulder to carry you to a safe place, away from your car key.

You know from this moment on, you have bonded with your friends on a spiritual level. Something you can’t really do while sober.

HSXers. You are my 3rd hour soulmates. To that, I will drink another bottle of New Castle…

Just kidding. Just kidding. 2 are enough.

I’m going to bed.


  1. Anonymous   •  

    It was nice meeting you too. I had no idea that anyone had even seen my blog until last night. If you ever want to meet for a beer, just call me. Chris has my number.

  2. brandy   •  

    It was nice meeting you too. I had no idea that anyone had even seen my blog until last night. If you ever want to meet for a beer, just call me. Chris has my number.

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