Brandon and I went down to Huntington Beach for a couple of hours of sand and surf today. On the slow drive down the stretch there and back, we spotted several girls who look great in their beach wear or swimsuits.

Yes. I said “we”. I don’t have the “my husband has to look at me and only me” complex. He can look all he wants because in the end, he’s coming home with me. Besides, I am supposed to look at them already, and as all female adults know, women are critical of each other–it’s our natural instinct. So I help spot the hot chicks for the boys to look at.

Unfortunately for me, I only spotted a couple of deliciously hunky beachgoers.

To look good in a swimsuit, a guy has to really sculpt his body. You have got to work out to get lean and toned, to look absolutely gorgeous in your board shorts.

Girls on the other hand, as long as you are not overweight, anyone can look good in a swimsuit without having to work too hard at it. Sure, the fashion magazines and Hollywood are pushing for the nicely toned muscles. But as long as you have the confident and a pair of boobs, you’re all set. No workout required.

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