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Farscape is coming back on October 17 on SciFi Channel. This is probably one of the best scifi drama series on television.

Well, they were doing well, getting awards, gaining reputations when SciFi Channel decided to abruptly pulled the plug at the end of the 4th season instead of wrapping up the series in their 5th season as originally planned.

Sure, as fans of the show, we want our show to continue forever, but that is almost impossible. So all we ask for was to give us the final season, a movie, or a mini-series of some kind so the series can end and exit honorably.

Through a massive worldwide efforts and campaigning by fans around the world, we finally did it. A 4-hour mini series was made to conclude the series. SciFi Channel will air it in October.

Anyway. The Save Farscape campaign is pushing to promote the miniseries on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. We’re making suggestions to have my *ahem* boyfriend, Ben Browder (Captain John Crichton) and Claudia Black (Officer Aeryn Sun) on the show.

You too can help if you want to. If you have the chance, check out the series. The premiere episode is usually available at Blockbuster. NetFlix though has the whole series.

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    I started Netflixing Farscape in part because of you saying how good it was. I’m looking forward to the miniseries in Oct. I think it might be a good idea to try and get the rest of the cast on shows, too. Leno has more viewers, but Conan, Letterman, and maybe Kimmel probably have a bigger audience of potential Farscape fans.


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