Open House

This truly has been a great day.

Brandon and I pretty much opened up the house to my friends and former colleagues so we can catch up. As fate would have it, it turned out to be an all-girl affair, except for someone’s son and Brandon.

We ate. We drank. We talked. We dug up the past. We discussed the future. We gleefully talked about everything from books, recipes, to the good-looking salt-and-pepper haired paramedic walking by (someone in the complex called an ambulance for something). We played American Idol, one of the 3 gag gift games from Zak, Irena, and Steve, and laughed our asses off. We drank some more. We chat some more. We went swimming. We laid out. We ate some more.

What a great time we had! Sure, it would still be as much fun with the boys. But I half forget how great it is to hang out with the girls. I’ve just been hanging out with the boys wayyy too much nowadays.

The ladies are all doing well with their new ventures. We definitely will be doing this more often, especially with most of us living in this area. Apparently, I don’t miss girls’ hangouts enough to try to gather the troops as often. But we sure had a good time together.

This group of ladies are truly amazing. Great moms–single or regular. Great sisters–younger or older. They are successful in business and enjoying life. They are all smart, brilliant, and funny. (Oh yes. Some of them are singles. Interested party please email me.)

As the last guests were leaving, Brandon’s friend Paul came to pay a visit. I called another coworker to see if he was still heading this way. The door would be open for him if he wanted to hang out, but he never called back. So, off we went to the pool again.

At that point, it’s USC 14, Colorado State 0 in the 2nd quarter.

Thanks to Paul’s nifty trick, I finally learned to float. For some reasons, I could never ever lay my head back and float in the pool. Brandon and Shane tried many, many times to teach me to float, but all it took was one tip from Paul: hold your breath and keep your stomach flat. Ahhh…Floating in the pool. What a wonderful feeling.

The water got too cold for this jungle girl, so I came up early, took a shower, and continued watching the game. USC 21, Colorado State 0.

I watched it through the end of 3rd quarter. USC 42, Colorado State 0, was a good time to turn the TV back to Brandon to play Star Ocean Till the End of Time.

No need for me to finish watching the USC game because, well, 42-0 at the end of 3rd quarter was a pretty good indication of the outcome of the game.

Final score: USC 49, Colorado State 0.

It’s been a glorious day!

**Update** Brandon called my “Escape from work” party, a support group. A therapy session. Well, I think he’s right about that!

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