I no longer walk down Memory Lane. I’m running head long through it with a mission.

After having written about the missed opportunities back in college, I decided to see if I could look up those 2 lost boys in question and see what they have been up to, and all the while trying to locate some other long lost Trojan friends.

Thank goodness for USC Trojan Alumni Community! I could search through their database for people I went to school with. Some of them actually came by and updated their information. Sure glad I’m not the only one doing that.

Now I’m missing the days. Gosh. College. I was such a nerd back then. People always have stories about how they partied in college. I could count on one hand, like the boys I’ve encountered, the college parties I went to.

My insecurity and self-consciousness chained me to my study desk most of my freshman year. (Then it was the ex-boyfriend for the next 3 some years.) The only time I lost all inhibitions was any moments with Trojan Pride.

Somehow running around, being absolutly goofy for my alma mater was not embarrassing at the least! I would be yelling, screaming, painting my face cardinal and gold, leading the line doing “Tusks”, and wouldn’t care what people think of me.

I even tried out for the all-male Yell Leader squad without even knowing how to do a handstand, and could barely do 30 girl push-ups! All I had was spirit and energy. I couldn’t do any other things they required a Yell Leader to do…possibly including peeing standing up. But man, I was the best flyer in that group, being the smallest of the bunch. Actually, they used me to demonstrate doing calf pops because my being 100 lbs. was a lot easier. One of the Yell Leaders made a comment that it was nice to have a girl as a flyer–at least he didn’t have to be holding a pair of hairy legs standing on his shoulders!

When it comes to Trojan Pride, and my school spirit, I had absolutely no regrets nor shame. And those were the best damn moments of my life.

Despite the search highs and lows for some long lost college buddies, sometimes fate takes over.

As I was doing a research for real estate in Orange County for my boss, a familiar face was looking at me from a real estate agent ad in the OC Register. Tony Morris. Tony was my freshman year RA! He was our big brother. It was almost 10 years ago when he would escort us to the computer lab late at night, or to go grab a bite to eat, when he would drive some of us to the mall or wherever because we didn’t have a car. It was the time where we’d hang underwears people left behind in the laundry room on his door knob, and decorated his door with shaving cream, condoms, and more underwears for his birthday.

Again. Serendipity.

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