Gotham Gospel

Coming to dinner and Star Wars viewing: Lauren, Shane, Pops (his dad), and Serena (Shane’s daughter).

So I decided that I would do my part in spreading the gospel of the Gotham Girl’s Ribs –which I now dubb Gotham Killer Ribs–a recipe that Chris the Frenchy posted on his blog a while ago. He couldn’t stop raving about them ribs so I had to see for myself.

2 racks of pork ribs were brined in mixture of Dos Equis over night. Brandon said the smell of the beer getting cooked is like BO…perhaps I should’ve used New Castle. Then the ribs were rubbed with a mixture of spices and went into super low heat oven since noon. Around 7 p.m. we’ll put them on the grill, brushing them with Bone Suckin’ Sauce–fortunately, I found it at our local Bristol Farms–and cook to set the sauce.

I’ve been afraid to attack it for a while, but when I actually put my hands to this, it’s pretty easy. With all the spices and the search for the Bone Suckin’ Sauce in your local store, this whole process isn’t all that difficult.

I could’ve screwed something up along the way here…but hopefully not. I’ll report back on the taste when we’re done.

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