Farscape came back and kicked some ass! Behold the power of rabid fans who are totally media savvy…and have money to spend.

(Read that, potential sponsors? MONEY TO SPEND.)

Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars gloriously returned one of the best damn sci-fi/space opera show ever to the network that abandoned them over 2 years ago all because the campaigns by the fans around the world.

Big hoorah for all involved!! Especially Scapers who have worked so frelling hard to get our beloved show back on air. We earned it, brothers and sisters.

All the loose ends are tied…well, sort of. 😉 Still a lot of mystery left for us to ponder. And oh yeah, 2 hours of Ben Browder aka John Crichton in his leather pants. Hmmm…tasty. And Claudia Black aka Aeryn Sun has some of the best lines of the series. “Shooting makes me feel better”. Oh yeah. WAV file for my work email right there.

I will have to get a bucket of chicken from KFC for lunch one day this week as a thank you to the SUPER cool sponsor and supporter of the series.

Hooray for Scapers worldwide!!!

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