Almost lost an eye sewing last night.

Yes. Sewing.

I was working on Shane’s Sam Adams vest last night. I had to learn to sew the button hole before actually doing it on the vest, and so I had to change the presser foot, the part the hold the garment down for the sewing machine, to use the button hole guide. Somehow I managed to lose the original foot in the process.

So I put in another foot that the manual said is used to sewing more delicate/slippery fabric, selected straight stitch, and hit the pedal. Apparently, I didn’t dial the knob to the right position. The needle was still in the button hole sewing mode.

The needle hit the foot and exploded. A piece of it came at me, and I felt a sharp twinge like having a speck of dust in my left eye.

Brandon managed to squirt saline/contact lenses solution and rinse off whatever it was that was supposedly in my eye. We didn’t see anything came out nor lingering in there. I went to bed feeling like there was something in there still, but it wasn’t painful. We thought it might just be all in my head.

But I woke up with a feeling that there still is something in my eye although the eye is neither swollen nor red. It’s not entirely painful, but bugging the crap out of me. And I’d rather have doctor look at it etc.

And I still can’t find the frelling presser foot.

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