Ready for Halloween

Shane picked up his vest last night. And got the pants hemmed. With just the white shirt, pants, and his goatee, I threw on a hat and Shane was an instant Amish.

[Photos were accidently deleted. Darn!]

Put the vest on, and we could see Sammy Adams emerging.

Shane also brought me my long blonde wig for Rikku. We’re going to have some problems putting the hair up in a pony tail because the way the wig is. Shane and I tried a couple of different options last night. We’ll have to see what we would end up doing.

Man, I look pretty neat with blonde hair. Contemplating stepping off the plane in Bangkok with that on. Last year I wore the frelling Christmas elf hat with big ol’ ears, and they didn’t even see me. Hahaha! The wig would probably gives them a heart attack though.

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