Armed with a can each of pink, purple, and glitter temporary hair color spray, a bottle of black nail polish, and a bag of her own make up, Lauren successfully punked out Serena for Halloween.
Well. To the best of our ability anyway.

As for the rest of us, we ran out of Halloween spirit since last night. Showing up at a party when you were the only bunch who dressed up would do that to your enthusiasm. After we were done with Serena, we headed back home so Lauren can finish her homework, and we can spoil Mela some more.

Oh, the miracle that is a kitten.

No wonder why the research shows having a pet lowers stress. We spent hours taking turn waving this fun-on-a-stick called CatCharmer at Mela, and played tug of war, tag, run in circle games with Mela. Gosh, how she loves this thing! It’s more fun to watch her pounces around, chasing imaginary bugs, or exploring the apartment, than trying to find something to watch on Sunday night TV. And we were laughing our @sses off watching her. A few scratches to our limbs are worth it.

Kitty parenthood. I can hardly wait!!

Pictures of Serena and Mela.

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