Music and Pancakes

Brandon, his friend from work Eric, and myself went over to the Shoreline Vilage’s Island Sunfish Grill to watch their friend Tom played. Tom is a part of the Steve Desmond Duo which consists of Steve and Tom alternating on guitar, bass, and a drum beat machine.

They have the Trojans game on. Score 1 point. (BTW – Go TROJANS! Nice job pulling through in the Fog Bowl.)

They have the duo playing, and those two rocked the house. Score 10 points.

They have on tap Bud, Bud Light, their own pale ale, and bottled Heineken and Corona. Take away 5 points. Yeah. Nothing to drink really. No premium liquor either. So the place, alcohol wise, sucks.

But man, the music was AWESOME.

And now, we’re back at our place. Local IHOP closes at 11 p.m. Blasphemy! So I’m here yapping away while waiting for the pancake to cook…

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