It’s all true when they say that once you’re a USC Trojan, you’re ALWAYS a Trojan. The love for our alma mater runs deep in our cardinal and gold veins. So much so that it connects us through generations, hence the world’s famous Trojan Network.

That’s why FAITHFUL is first on the 5 Trojan virtues of Faithful, Scholarly, Skillful, Courageous, and Ambitious.

And that’s something those fucla freaks don’t possess. Here’s a proof as one of their own sent to USC Trojan quarterback Matt Leinart which he proudly posted on his blog.

Nov. 8, 2004 – Email of the Day

Hey Matt–I have to keep this kind of anonymous, but I’m such a big fan. I’m a student at UCLA (so many people would kill me for admitting this) so I’m supposed to hate USC. But I have so much respect for Coach Carroll, Norm Chow and the way you play. The sports fan in me takes precedence over my student status, I guess. So when we play you on the 4th, I’ll be booing you guys like everyone else at the Rose Bowl, but I’m pulling for you to win the National Championship!

I rest my case.

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