Drunken Rant

I promise not to edit …well not too much… from this point on and show you the OakMonster’s drunken rant. And yes, that’s DRUNKEN after 2 full glasses of Oakley Winery Zinfandel. (James and Aurora, the newlyweds, bought that for me from an actual winery in Napa.)

A wussy? Yeah, try being a 100 lbs. Asian. The odds are against you on going past 2 glasses and still be sober, buddy.


So, I cooked up a big pot of beef stroganoff from scrath. Yes I sure did. And it was d3licious, served over egg noodles. Aurora nad I split a bottle of Zinfendel. WEll, split wouldn’t be correct since she drank probably a glass asn a half to 2 glasses more than i did. We also snack on some cut up chunks of mild cheddar chessse I collected from a few samll snack size Land O Lake. Ghetto fabulous for such a casual evening. and of couse, we sang along -00 and drool over Captain Shang of Mulan. Brandon got me the DVD and a few Godiva chocolate truffles for my early birthday present. Tomrorw I shall have a dinner party at Picarelli and finally I’ll get to take home the interactive Stitch doll! I’m a huge fan of LIlo and Stitch and Aurora and I found the doll at a KB Toys on sale. She bought it for my birthday a month ago but wouldn’t let me have the possesion of my beloved alien. Torture!!! But perhaps she’d give him to me tomorrow … or if she’s really evil sh’ed wait utnil my actual b-day on the 16th.

Wow. the Chair made a turn and I was about to puke. Oh my god. holy crap. i haven’;t drank this much in ages. LOL. One more sip and I’d be in the bath room puking. but that’s okay brandon is hooked on EQ2 so I cna go crashed on n teh bed and I wouldn’t hurt him too much. Muwahhahaha.

Tha’ts what I like about Girl Night In. We chatted, watched girlie type movies, and drank. And we dind’t care about the world. The only thing is, as much as I”m comfortable with the girls, I don’t feel like ripping a burp at them. Like with Aurora, she’s gotten used to it by now. But man, hanging out with the boys liek I did with Shane, Eric, and Branodon the other night…I was free stylin’. And it was totally liberating.

Oh, for those of you who didn’t know. I can burp on command…though little burps. The burps can be induced by rubbing my stomach. So far only myself, Brandon, and a few close friend can rub mah belly. ;-D I think I have burping problems I’m afriad to tell my doctor. I DO LIKE BURPING, DAMMIT. And the fact taht I can do it on command, it makes life more fun. I don’t want that taken away.


Okay druken rant schmunken rant. (Oh hey look I CAN spell “schmunken” when drunk!!!!). I”m going to bed.

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