T Minus 3 days

Crunch time! Itinerary changed just a little bit from the original plan.

Thu. Nov. 18 – Leave from LAX.
Sat. Nov. 20 – Arrive in Bangkok.

Sun. Nov. 21 – During the day, Brandon’s dental appointment. In the evening, Oakley’s dinner with Mater Dei classmates.

Mon. Nov. 22 – Tentative – Day trip to Ayuttaya with Aunty Sida.

Tue. Nov. 23 – Nothing planned.

Wed. Nov. 24 – Oakley and Brandon’s dentist appointment.

Thu. Nov. 25 – Nothing planned.

Fri. Nov. 26 – Loy Kratong festival. We’ll be staying in Bangkok for that after all. Get to glam up and go to dinner at the Oriental Hotel. Perhaps a few drinks with Oakley’s friends after that somewhere in town. We’ll see.

Sat. Nov. 27 – Off to Chiang Mai. Stay at Aunty Sida’s house in Chiang Dao, a rural mountain village not horribly far from Chiang Mai city.

Sun. Nov. 28 – Back into Chiang Mai, and stay the night there. Dad may have to leave that evening for a meeting back in Bangkok on Monday, still TBD.

Mon. Nov. 29 – Do more stuff in Chiang Mai. Head back to Bangkok.

Tues. Nov. 30 – Friday Dec. 3 – Nothing planned. Free for all!!

Sat. Dec. 4 – Return to LAX.

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  1. 'Mazing Amy   •  

    Have an AMAZING and safe trip! Say hi to your Mom for me. 🙂

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