Holidays Swooning

I haven’t watched so much television in a long time. I parked myself on the couch all day yesterday and watched movies on DVD, movies on Demand, and whatever movies were on television.

I fell in love all over again with the charming and witty Hugh Grant in my 500th watching of “Love Actually”, and the first time watching “2 Week Notice”. That smile. That sense of humor. Those eyes.

Then I caught myself swooning over Colin Firth in “Love Actually” even though I can’t really say what makes him so dreamy. Partly the accent. Partly his being a little goofy. Well, he does comedy well too. Expressive eyes, perhaps. The sound of his voice, maybe. And of course, the nice and tall, squared shoulders thing. I really don’t know what it is!

Followed close behind is the younger Christian Bale. I watched “Little Women” as my usual Christmas tradition, and discovered all over again that little something about Christian Bale’s fangs, and the sexy pianist hands that he has. Yes, I’m a little weird about the hands. I blame it on my early exposure to Japanese romance manga. They drew their boys tall, pretty like a girl almost and with these long, delicate, pianist fingers like Christian Bale’s. Those are them sexy hands.

“The Recruit” brought me Colin Farrell with American accent. His eyes melt me just the same. And that body. Woahwee! Nobody says bad boy like Colin does even when he’s playing the good guy. Something about him says, hey I’m tough on the outside but cuddly on the inside. Maybe it’s the unibrow…

“Bend It Like Beckham”. Again, Jonathan Rhys Meyer. He is good looking in a strange way. At first I didn’t think too much of him, but then suddenly it clicks. I guess it has a lot to do with his acting too. Suddenly he was the cutie pie I couldn’t stop watching.

And finally, the grand McDaddy of all hunky Brits, Sean Connery in “The Rock”. I swear to god, that man is sexier as he gets older. Not all actors age like Sir Connery does. Well, okay. Denzel Washington, but then again the man doesn’t really age. Look at what age does to Robert Redford and Harrison Ford though!

Okay yeah, I definitely have something for the British accent and wit. And I finally realize all of that over one full day of television.

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