Holy crap!

The 9.0 earthquake in Indonesia sent tsunami into the southern islands of Thailand. A lot less damaged in Thailand than in Sri Lanka and southern India.

My family is safe and sound. My dad and brother were both in Bangkok when this happened, and my mom is in a much safer place even, in the hills of Chiangdao in Chiangmai province.

I don’t have the official report yet, but I’m pretty sure the hotel that my dad designed, and we stayed at in 1999, Thavorn Beach Village, were hit as well.

The Malasian geologist also warns of possible eruption of underwater volcanos. Oh my.

Finally, words have it that a member of the King’s family went missing. We’ll see if that is just a rumor or not.

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    Good to hear your family is safe. I just heard, and was going to send well wishes. I hope your friends are safe as well.


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