Death Doesn’t Take a Holiday

Over 23,000 death toll so far for the entire region.

Thai press confirms the death of the King’s grandson, Khun Poom Jensen, the autistic son of Princess Ubolrattana.

Princess Ubolrattana married Peter Jensen, a San Diego business man, some 20 years ago, and was disowned by Thai royal family. About 10 years ago, she opened her San Diego home to a Thai magazine, and introduced her family to the people. Thais fell in love with her charming Thai-American children, 2 girls and a boy. Eventually the royal family embrace the Jensens and welcome the Princess back. In 1999, the Princess and Peter were divorced, and the Princess moved back to Thailand.

The oldest daughter, I think, is getting her Ph.D. in music/vocal studies in England. The younger daughter is going to college in San Diego, but is vacationing with mom and Khun Poom. Khun Poom has a late onset of autism. A “Rainman” he was, a math genius. They have worked with him for many years, and just recently he could do things and go places by himself.

Yes. Was. Now the boy’s dead.

And yesterday I was so happy drooling over movie stars. Today, I’m in mourning for fellow countrymen and feeling the King’s loss.

So much for “Happy Holidays”.

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  1. Anonymous   •  

    I wanted to thank you for your post. I have been reading about this incident since I got the phone call that my cousin, Poomi, was missing. This is one of the few that tells the story of my aunt and uncle in a non-biased way. Our family appreciates all the support that everyone is giving in this tragic time. We will all miss Poomi dearly.

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