A Long Goodbye

When I moved from LA to Long Beach, I lost 2 items. First, a scaled model of the beautiful Tudor mansion that is the Annenberg Center, I made for my art direction class. And secondly, an invaluable loss, a bucket containing my Super-8 camera and all of my original student film reels.

Yet, I held on to the dreams and kept all the Super-8 knickknacks in a box, tucked away in the back of the closet for the past 4 years, refusing to let go of the dreams.

It is time that I finally close the chapter of my film making days. I am giving away all of these knickknacks.

Well, not quite for free.

Instead of paying me for the items, I’d like the interested party to make donation to the Red Cross International Response Fund to aid tsunami victims. First come, first serve basis, and you must pick them up from Long Beach.

  1. 1 Projector: Keystone Dual K-5602. Suggested donation: $10
  2. Viewers: BAIA Reviewer II Super8, and BAIA Mark II2. Suggested donation: $5 each.
  3. Splicers: Both Kodak Presstape Universal Splicer for 8mm, Super 8, and 16mm. Suggested donation: $5 each.
  4. A whole bunch of splicing tapes. These you can have them for free.

If you know any hardcore filmmakers who still use Super-8 and need some gears, please refer them to me.

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