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Karen, one of the people my company works with, sent along this email from the National Republican Committee.

Eight days ago a violent earthquake shook the island of Sumatra causing the formation of tsunamis in the Indian Ocean. These tsunamis caused horrific destruction from Thailand to the Horn of Africa. Over 150,000 lives are estimated to be lost and 5 million people are homeless and many without food. Millions are vulnerable to disease.

Across the nation flags will fly at half-staff to honor the victims. The entire nation mourns for those who have lost loved ones and we keep all those affected in our prayers.

Monday morning President Bush announced that former Presidents Bush and Clinton will head a nationwide charitable effort to help those affected by this disaster. In the coming days both will be asking the American people to donate what they can to those charities helping with the effort. For more information on donating visit the USA Freedom Corps Web site at

These charities are helping to get food, water and other assistance to the tsunami victims. Americans know from our own catastrophes, such as the Florida hurricanes this past fall, the important role charities play in the rebuilding effort and that any and all help is appreciated.

Please visit to see what you can do to help the tsunami victims.

Forward this link to family and friends and let’s do our part to help bring hope and relief to this devastated region.


Ed Gillespie
Republican National Committee

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