Overwhelmed with work, and personal life. These past few weeks have been pure hell. But I see lights at the end of the tunnel. Or so I hope.

Have to go Downtown LA to INS office at the crack of dawn to get a sticker on my green card to extend the expiration date. It would be nice if they would tell you what you need to do with your soon-to-expire green card when they send you a receipt to tell you that it’ll take them 333 days to process your filed paperworks. Yep. Found that out a week ago, after 10 minutes on hold, what to do.

And then around 1 p.m. I’m heading to LAX to pick up my brother Onk. Onk is in transit to return to Thailand permanently for a few days. I haven’t seen him since my wedding, so that’s 3 years! Onk finally finished his Masters degree in architecture from University of Oklahoma. He’s So I’m off tomorrow and Friday to hang with my real bruddah!

That’s right. He’s a Sooner. And boy did we have fun over Orange Bowl.

After the first OU score, he called and said nothing, just laughed. Then USC scored, and I called him back to laugh. Then USC scored again, so I called again to talk more smack. Then USC scored again, Onk stopped picking up his phone. I texted him instead.

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  1. 'Mazing Amy   •  

    Overwhlemed here too, can’t take much more of it, frankly!

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