Got more to write about but too sleepy to elaborate so I’ll just steal these “getting to know you” bit from from Lauren…er…Sydney’s blog thingy.

Three names you go by

  1. Oakley and other variations (Oaks, OakMonster, Oaktown)
  2. Oh+
  3. Varavarai

Three things you like about yourself

  1. Musically inclined
  2. Slightly artistic (I said ARTistic, not AUtistic)
  3. My ass. Hahaha!

Three things you don’t like about yourself

  1. My calves. They should belong to Popeye
  2. Constantly feeling self conscious with my English
  3. Being my own worst critic

Three things that scares you

  1. Little white gecko/salamander thing (“Jingjok” in Thai), and the big colorful ugly gecko (“Tuk-kae”)
  2. Height only when there is no barrier between me and the vast space below i.e. on a ledge with no railing.
  3. Feeling of falling or drops. May it be on a plane or in a car or down a rough elevator.

Three everyday essentials

  1. Brandon’s kisses
  2. Food
  3. Music

Three things you’re wearing right now

  1. Thick bracelet made out of coconut shell beads.
  2. White Nike hoody workout t-shirt.
  3. Dickies jeans.

Three of your favorite bands or musical artists

  1. Carole King
  2. Sting
  3. Dave Mathews Band

Three of your favorite songs

  1. Desperado – Eagles
  2. The way you look tonight – anyone but Rod Stewart
  3. Walk on – U2

Three new things you want to try in the next twelve months

  1. Learning to speak Mandarin
  2. Riding Metro to work
  3. Cook dinner on a weeknight. (Rachael Ray, you shall be my guiding light!)

Two truths and a lie (in no particular order)

  1. All of my best friends live more than 20 miles from me.
  2. I can tap dance.
  3. My Snoopy doll is old enough to drink.

Three things physically about the opposite sex that don’t appeal to you

  1. Excessive body hair.
  2. Skinny. Not lean-muscular, but going for the cocaine chic or anorexic look.
  3. Receding hairline that they try to cover. I don’t mind bald or super short hair. But something like the Donald irks me.

Three of your favorite hobbies

  1. Blogging
  2. Making music
  3. Writing in general

Three things you want to do really badly right now

  1. Blow my nose
  2. Cuddle with Brandon
  3. Go to sleep

Three careers you’re considering. Well, I just started a new job that is an absolute dream right now. So I’ll make this “Three careers other than yours that you’d like to attempt”.

  1. Musical theater actor
  2. Hotel Concierge
  3. Aid worker

Three kids names

  1. Aeryn (Farscape)
  2. Jonas (Stargate)
  3. Aiden (Sex in the City)

Three things you want to do before you die

  1. Visit Paris
  2. Snorkel the Similan islands
  3. Ride a horse on a trail on my own

Three ways in which I am stereotypically a girl

  1. I love chocolate
  2. I love chick flicks (not all of them but when I’m in the mood for them, watch out!)
  3. I love men, especially hot ones

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