Februarium – Day 5 and Final

First of all, a shout out to Coleen and her wonderful idea! Please do keep me posted. I would love to participate again next year. Perhaps with all the right moves we can make this a national thing!

And now, the conclusion of Februarium 2005.

Day Five, February 14: Why you love.
Answer this question. “Why do you love?”

As far as I remember, I have always loved.

I love my parents. I love my brothers. I love my cousins. I love my grandmother. I love my nanny. I love my room. I love my stuffed animals. I love Snoopy. I love the piano. I love my friends. I love bacon and rice. I love this. I love that.

Love is truly all around when I was growing up, and that made an impression for the rest of my life.

Asking me why I love is like asking me why I breathe. To stay alive.

Love is such a wonderful thing. It’s like a gift that gives itself back double in pure joy. When I love someone or something, by loving them alone gives me happiness. If by loving them make them happy, and even better yet, they love you back, it is the most glorious feeling.

I guess in a way, love is a drug for me. I’m an addict. I love to love. I wonder if I have devalued the love I give because I love so much. I hope not. I may love generously but never for granted.

If I don’t love, something is horribly wrong with me. That was why I quit my last job. The condition was so horrible. Hatred and discontent slowly seeped into my soul, slowly poisoning me. It was that bitter loathing feeling that smothered me, hindering my ability to love, and hence I couldn’t be happy. Now that I am rid of that condition, I have regained myself, and I am once again, full of love.

I take my love so seriously that I would unleash a wrath of an equal passion on whoever would harm people I love, or betray my love. My love can go unreturned; it has never been a problem. In fact, I do expect sometime that people won’t return such love. But if the love I give was mocked, or worse, taken for granted, then you have a whole lot of trouble coming your way. All 100 lbs. of me carries a fury with the strength of a thousand suns.

I’m a Scorpio. And a dragon. You figure that out before pissing me off by toying with the love I give.

I am living passionately, I guess I could say. I am trying to live life without fear, and love is a part of that. I don’t fear love, and therefore love allows me to live a fuller life.

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  1. cd   •  

    I love you! Thank you so much for participating in Februarium. Your entries all rocked.

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