Good News Bad News

Bad news: The tumor in my mom’s lung is indeed cancer.

Good news: The tumor was removed along with 2 sections of the lung (out of 10, that is). The doctors think they got all of it out, hence 2 sections instead of one. Although it was near the lymphnodes, which was our biggest concerns, it didn’t get there. So as far as they know, they got everything. Mom will have to go through a less-aggressive chemo/radiation what have they just to make sure the cancer is all gone.

I got to talk to her briefly this morning. I made her promise to never EVER withhold information from me ever again. She did this once before many years back when they found a lump in her breast which turned out to be just a cyst. She found out the same week I was started this new job so she didn’t want me to worry. Dad ratted her out as she went into surgery 2 nights ago.

Anyways, her friends have established “Camp Khun Noi” at the hospital, taking turns hanging out with her. My brother said it was like a slumber party every night, at least one friend stays with her, and the rest hang out until they kick them out.

I told her we both have one more thing in common now. Both of us have some funky ass lung issue. She told me to not tell any more jokes because it hurts to laugh.

Whoever came by to read and helped me in praying, thank you.


  1. 'Mazing Amy   •  

    OMG Oakz! I’m praying for your Mom and sending HUGE hugs your way!

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