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It’s 7:30 p.m. -ish. I’m about to go to bed. Skipping dinner and all that.

Oh yeah. The rain made me miss yoga. I left the parking lot in Downtown LA at 5:20. I got on the 110 on Exposition by USC, my new route, at 6:00 p.m. It was the street traffic trying to get to Flower that killed me. And then it’s the usual crawl out of Downtown-ish area half way to the 105 before it cleared up. And then it was slow but going through from the 105, and free for all on the 605. I got home at 6:50. No time to get to yoga.

So much for leaving early to get to yoga on Thursdays.

Lung cancer. I still couldn’t wrap my mind around it. How the fuck does a non smoker in a non-smoker household get lung cancer!?

True, mom grew up in a smoker household, but no one smokes around her since she got married. Both of my brothers have smoked while in the U.S., but mom got them to buck the habit when they got home. My brother Onk (the Sooner) actually quit a while back, at least I think so. The oldest brother, Ake (the Nike Guy), according to dad still smokes when he’s not at home.

And then there’s dad and his sick sense of humor. He said he told Ake to stop smoking. To some extreme Buddhist, smoking is a sin. Pretty much anything excessive is a sin, and smoking, being an addictive substance, causes excess. Anyhoo, dad’s theory is that Ake’s smoking creates bad karma, but instead of coming back straight to him, it is so bad it comes to mom in order to make him suffer more than if he’s the one getting the cancer. Quit it, son.


Had a few sentence exchange on IM with Ohm, my mom’s best friend’s son. He said he was on the phone with my mom a second ago, but someone else is talking to her now. I didn’t ask where he was at. So yeah, mom is back on her social schedule already and she hasn’t even left the hospital yet.

That is a REALLY good sign.

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