Money Not Totally Wasted

So we blew $70 on 10-week of yoga classes Brandon never attends. And so far, I blew $21 on the classes I missed.

And now I’m trading in the rest of the classes, all $32, to attend a 10-week writing/performing arts workshop that is supposedly free. So the workshop will actually cost me $32 plus the optional parking at USC campus.

Remember when I mentioned “My Own Story” workshop a while back? Alex is doing one at USC starting tomorrow night. He called me as I was coming home from work today.

7:30-9:30 p.m. at USC, 10 Thursday nights and final performance on Friday April 22. (Save the date already y’all!) We’ll see what kind of things I’d ended up doing.

In the meantime, walking up and down the hill between the parking lot and work is my only workout salvation.

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