Curse of Splenda

Ah Splenda. Finally a fake sugar that doesn’t leave a bad after taste. I am not a diet soda drinker, but I wouldn’t turn away something that is sweetened by Splenda, or using it to flavor some bland iced tea.

I don’t know if anyone else react that same way to Splenda. But after a can of 7-Up Plus, my body is SCREAMING for real sugar. I am diving into the chocolate bowl here at work. Nothing sounds good to snack on except sweet stuff.

Perhaps it’s just my sugar processing body freaking out by sugar substitute. My poor body is saying, “Hmm…I tasted sweet stuff. I think tha’ts sugar. But there is no sugar here. Where the fuck is the sugar??? THERE IS NO FUCKING SUGAR!!!”

*UPDATE* After dinner with a pint of Black & Tan, I have to top it of with a few bites of Baskins Robbins delectible Creme Brulee ice cream.


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