Not quite entirely fallen off the blog wagon, but damn near. Look at the last post date!

The commute hasn’t killed me, if you’re wondering. Like how I’ve been telling everyone. The drive doesn’t hurt me. I like to drive. And what you call “traffic” is nothing like where I grew up in. 3 miles in 3 hours one rainy afternoon would teach you to appreciate 20 mph crawl on the 110 from the 105 into Downtown LA. At least you know you’ll get there in about an hour.

After being in front of the computer all day, I didn’t want to see the monitor for a while. So I’d come home to check email and pay my bills, then I’d take a TV break. The next thing I know it was late into the night. If I started writing, like I’m doing now, I’ll never get to bed in time to catch Brandon awake.

Speaking of which…

G’ night, y’all!

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