Raging against the machine

This morning I was rudely cut off twice by the same guy, the lead grey Ford Escape. I usually don’t get that vengeful and road rage-y over people cutting me off, but this guy got my goat.

First, as I was in line getting on the metered on ramp like everyone else, the Escape came speeding up in the carpool only entrance, and despite the lack of space between my car and the car in front of me, he stuck his nose in front of my car, inches from my left corner bumper, with no signal what soever, and of course, forced his way in front of me.

And then at the 2 car per green meter, the Escape, busy on the cell phone, being the second car, didn’t follow the car in front of him when the light turned green.

AND THEN once on the freeway, I was on the second from the left lane. The Escape was somewhere on my right. Lo and behold, when my lane came to a stop, with no signal, and barely enough space, the Escape stuck his nose in inches from my right bumper. At this point I layed on the horn like a mad woman which detered him for a second as he turned back into his lane. But of course, the moment the car in front of me rolled 2 inches forward, he forced back in front of me. And then on to the fast lane, continuing to tailgate the car in front of him the whole way.

Yes, I kept track of where he went the whole way from the 405 to 110 N until he pretty much drove laterally across all 3-4 lanes of the 110 to get on the 91. Guess what? No signal.

If the way people drive determine the driver’s personality, this guy is a grade A asshole.

And between those 2 incidents, some big ass bird dropped a bomb on my passenger’s side window, obscuring my side mirror.

Can’t you tell I’ve had a LOVELY Monday morning?

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  1. Jody   •  

    That sounds so infuriating. I think my head would of exploded.

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