Ready for my close up

We got our group pictures taken today to be used on posters and other PR materials for our final “My Own Story” performance. We got to do all sorts of silly things for the camera, but I’m sure it’ll be awesome when it comes out. You’ll see the final poster and stuff here eventually.

I have my Geek Girl shirt on. Although I don’t think it’d come out…

This is also the first time since the Final 7 are together in the same room. The past 2 weeks, we kept missing a person. We have a great group with some interesting stories to tell. So when you come to the show, prepare to split your side and bring tissues for the tears.

On that note, tomorrow night I’d have to get working on some of the pieces I started writing in the workshop. Saturday morning, I will meet with Alex to form my final piece. Scary!

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