Farewell to John Paul

All my life, I’ve attended Catholic school. So yeah, I was on the Pope watch since last night.

So, this maybe a little bit pre-mature to the web news, but farewell, good sir.

On a side note: the running joke with Brandon is that he’s the antichrist. Mainly because his not being religious and a few times he was in church, he was profoundly uncomfortable. And so, after the Pope update, the conversation went like this:

Oakley: So, honey. As the antichrist, now that the Pope is dead, where are you partying tonight?

Brandon: [laughs] Woot!

I’m Buddhist. He’s spiritual. We’re equal opportunity offenders around here.


  1. Rude Cactus   •  

    I’m very much not a religious person…but I thought the pope dying was sad. I mean, as much as I don’t agree with many things the Catholic church seems to stand for, he was still a good guy. Now, apparently, he’s just a still guy.

  2. OakMonster   •  

    I agree. The Pope is a good man. A great man. He’s done what he was meant to do and now he returns to his Maker…or moving one up closer to nirvana on the karma scale. Despite our jokes, we too respect the guy.

    And here’s another one about Jesus… Just kidding.

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