You’re so punny

INTERIOR: Kitchen/Office area at the Boren residence. Brandon and his friend Joe are working on wiring of the car stereo to be put into Oakley’s car. Oakley is on the kitchen floor, scrubbing.

Oakley: You REALLY want me to do this more often?

Brandon: I don’t know. Once a month with the scrubbing? Other times you can use that wet jet mop thing of yours.

Oakley: In that case, you’ll have to put up with my man hands and smelling like Lysol for a few days. Not sure which is worse, that or smelling like rubber gloves.

Brandon: Use the rubber gloves then. Because, you know, the Oak smelling like pine is just not right. [Laughs.] Besides, if the Oak smells like pine, it’s just not true to your roots.

Joe damn near falls out of his chair laughing.

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