My boyfriend Ben is BACK! (That’s Ben Browder aka Captain John Crichton of Farscape.) He’ll join the 9th Season cast of Stargate SG-1 as Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell. About damn time! SG-1 desperately needs a new action smartass hero since O’Neil got benched, I meant, promoted.

Hence, Brandon is calling it FARGATE. Heh.

Don’t call me about going out Friday once the new season begins. I shall not be pried from my television!

From this picture, it seems at least we’d get to see Claudia Black (aka Aeryn Sun) a bit too. Double yippee hallelujah for all Scapers!

Thank YOU, Richard Dean Anderson for recognizing such fine talent, and how to rope SG-1 more audience. I know MacGuyver would come through and save the show! You are indeed my hero.


  1. Rude Cactus   •  

    Forget your boyfriend…who’s his friend there? 😉

  2. OakMonster   •  

    That, my friend, is the beautiful and talented Claudia Black, or Officer Aeryn Sun in Farscape.

    Why this picture is neat: Ben and Claudia’s Farscape characters were lovers…I meant, husband and wife. Well, someone married them right before she popped the baby out. Anyway. You get the idea.

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