Which Wench?

By the way, the Ren Faire pictures are up. And according to the Washing Well Wenches, I am Parsnip!

You are Parsnip!

If you’re a Parsnip, congratulations. Love is in the air and you know how to sniff it.

Naturally talented, cool and confident, you grace the Earth with one hell of a presence, as odd and quirky as it may be. As a sassy lassie, you tempt the strange and exotic out of those in your immediate area and relish in group frenzy. The more pent up aggression and erotic tendencies exposed, the better…as long as it’s somewhat tasteful…maybe…kind of…okay, not really.

What you feel is what you show and you demand nothing less from everyone around you. A feisty root vegetable, you love to eat, drink, and dust…especially tall close-shaven hunks of manhood. As far as your love life goes, you have the luck of the Irish. Men flock against their better judgment because the temptation of a little bit of the Parsnip is strangely too hard to pass up. Unfortunately, you have a wondering eye. Bless your heart…there is just too much tasty candy walking upright in this world. And they just can’t seem to resist the tongue wiggle, the shimmy, and the emphatic verbal analysis that bursts from your soul when they pass by. Damn them…but hey, it’s okay…live it up and be happy…just be sure to manage your plate successfully. What would happen if the mashed potatoes mixed with the peas
and carrots? A whole lot of mush.

And God help the one who trips your proverbial mousetrap. The parsnip is a fine and giving delicacy until it’s been left to boil too long. Bitter, my friends, bitter…But that’s a rarity. For the majority of your life, you will seek truth and tempt fate and seduce glee…all the while loving your cousin and the world
around you.

Oh, and I guess laundry is okay…as long as it’s hot young men you’re doing it for. There has GOT to be a pay off in every part of life.

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