Also I forgot to mention.

I went to my doctor this morning to have my bad ankle checked out. After almost 2 years of nagging pain after I twisted it. Apparently, the ankle also has a “tunnel” like carpal tunnel in your wrist. And mine is all aggrevated since then, and haven’t a chance to really heal.

So for the next 6 weeks, I am ordered to take Ibuprofen everyday, ice the ankle twice daily, and keep ankle underwrap with Ace bandage when ever I am on my feet all day. No heels, not even my chunky heels. Nothing that elevate or put strains on my ankle. Obviously no jumping or running or anything high impact like that.

If I come back in 6 weeks and it’s not doing better because I don’t follow her order, she WILL put me in a cast.

“It’s not because the injury is bad,” she said. “But because now you will have to listen to me, or else that cast will stay on forever.”

Another reason why I *love* my doctor.

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