Healing sucks

Day 2 of the ankle watch.

Who would’ve thought that it hurts more to have Ace bandage on, keeping the injured ankle properly in place, than when it was freely inflamed? I mean, I actually am aware of my injury now. Before, only when it’s really agitated will I feel it.

Nothing reminds you of a bad ankle like running 3 blocks down a steep hill…in Converse…and wearing a 3-inch chunky heels the next day.

And thank god for the weather being warmer here. Or else I’d say fuck it to the whole icing the ankle twice a day thing.


  1. Rude Cactus   •  

    Oohh…ankle injuries suck! Hope it feels better soon!!

  2. "MOM"   •  

    Going thru similar issues with me feet, I think. I have what they call platar fascitus (sp?). There is a bunch of strings that run between your heel bone and the ball of your foot. Mine is torn away from my heel and b/c your body doesn’t like any space in it whatsoever I have developed heel spurs. The painful part is the torn fascia. I can’t bare weight on my left foot at all. I am going to have to use custom made arch supports and do runners stretches at least twice a day until it heals completely. It’s taped for right now and man does it feel good. I actually got out of bed this morning and was able to walk without a limp!! I was so excited. Hope your ankle gets better fast b/c I know how much you love those high shoes! 😉
    love, “MOM”

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