Party like it’s 19-95!

So, the 10 year high school reunion came and went. And I had a blast!

Friday night, the day before the actual reunion, we had a mini-reunion at Amber’s parents’ house in Laguna Niguel.

Last I saw Amber was at my wedding. She came out from Colorado for that one. And this time, she brought her beautiful 7-year-old daughter Brittany with her. It was great to see her folks again as well. Boy, Amber’s little sister Alicia is all grown up. 19 and pre-med at fucla. She’s not the little reddish blonde haired little girl we all remembered!!

None of us have seen Michael since the 5 year reunion despite the fact that he is still local in Orange County.

Melissa came out from Illinois more often, but it was always good to see her. Monika is in Arizona but we don’t see her often either. Last I’ve seen these two was at Melissa’s wedding a few years ago now.

The BBQ was a lot of fun. Michael originally wasn’t coming to the reunion, but we all talked him into it. And we all glad he came.

The reunion itself was a big party. It is still very much high school-ish where people who know each other hang out with each other and ignore the rest. I tried to randomly chat up other people, but was met by weird “who the fuck are you and why are you talking to me?” vibe so I stopped doing that.

Didn’t I mention it feel pretty much just like high school again?

I did get to see many people I wanted to see. Like Kris and Cathy from New York. Laura and Mike, the models for high school sweetheart marriage. Air Force Amy. My first American friend Tara.

Then a few surprise walks down memory lane. Christie who was in theater with me as well. I couldn’t remember her for a second. It’s the blonde. LOL. Theresa, my chemistry lab partner, grabbed me to say hi. Holy crap, she looks a lotta different than what I remembered! Teresa from Physics was there but we only exchanged a few words. Mike who was in my Econ class, a friend from grade school of Nora’s.

A few reconnect: Johnny whom I haven’t really met in school. Julie from the extended lunch group.

And of course, a stare across the room at other “popular people” I have come to know. Like the funny twin Kenny and Kevin. Yeah, true. We did drama together. There is supposedly a bond there so they would’ve remembered me if I had gone up to say hi. Or at least pretended so. But they were constantly surrounded by people, and I didn’t want to embarrass myself.

Yep. Still feel a little high school-ish there. Only if they were there earlier before I felt like a total idiot trying to “reconnect” with these people.

Anyhoo. The night went on. Our gang, led by our fearless Irish leader Nora, ruled the dance floor. Well, everyone else moved outside and got shit-faced or something. LOL. A few group came back in to dance here and there.

Like the bunch of girls that were trying to go all stripper/rap video girl like on the floor. After a while they noticed there was nobody inside the ballroom, and they could shake their asses all they want, no one outside was paying attention. So the left the floor and went back to boozing. The class clowns Kenny and Kevin and their posse were dancing for a while too. And then later on someone got seriously drunk (or perhaps high) and came back for a few songs, terrorizing the floor with their posse, and then left again.

Our gang were probably on the floor most of the evening. And we had such a GREAT TIME doing so!

The clock struck midnight, I walked into my apartment. Got completely busted for not coming home on time. Heh. I told Brandon I was going to be home by 10. I didn’t know I was going to have so much FUN!

Reunion Committee and Michele at the Alumni office, if you’re reading this. Thanks for a great time.

More pictures (Thanks Amber!) on my Flickr Album.

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