10 Guys in 20 Lines

Mine is nothing to be compared to Amy’s but I wrote one anyway because it sounds like fun.

You’ll see that most of my boys are secret crushes, and a few I actually went out/made out with. (RetroBlog: Serendipity.) Then I went and hooked me Brandon. LOL.

Anyhoo. Here’s my history with men.

My first crush at 12 was on Fabian.
Blue eyed, fanged smile German.
Next crush, Gian is a Swiss skier.
We hung out a lot in Whittier.
High school Grant was my carpool buddy.
He becomes a rocker in Cincinnati (but now in the OC).

In college, secret crush was on Joel.
The Trojan-est Trojan I’ve ever known.
Six Flag Marce is a friend of Katie’s.
Went out 4 times. First boy I’ve kissed.
Bruce the Lifeguard, a missed opportunity
Were friends all summer, turned out he did like me.
Kit taught me everything about love.
3 years later he left me on the curb.

Samoan John kisses like no other.
We made out all night, too soon it was over.
Blue-haired Mark is one great friend.
We made out once and back to friends again.

Brandon started as my best buddy.
I jumped him one night and here we are, married!

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