Chivalry is Dead

The proof that chivalry is dead can be found on a crowded train out of Downtown LA toward Long Beach at the peak of rush hour.

Actually, I guess it could be found anywhere crowded and first-come-first-serve seating is involved.

The seats were all filled. A few men peppered the aisle seats.

First there was a family of 7 that came in–mom pushed in the baby in the stroller, a 2-year-old hanging with dad looking at “la choo choo”, a 7-year old holding on to her 10-year-old sister’s arm.

Not a person in the front area or nearby seats got up for the kids. Not. One. Person.

Later on an old by able lady came in through the door. An Asian girl to my left both got up to give the lady our seats. Not a single person in the row moved a hair. (I could see that because I was sitting sideway in the front row.) The lady took her spot. The girl hauled her fat, and probably heavy, backpack over her shoulder and tried to squeeze into a spot in the aisle a few steps back, standing right next to this guy who glanced up at her and then back down to his computer magazine.

All these women, children, and elderly coming onto the train and not a single male on the train offer his seat.

Now, that’s REALLY sad.

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  1. StevieB   •  

    the world has gone crazy and we have front row seats 🙂

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