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AIDS Walk Los Angeles is coming. October 16.

I’ve walked the AWLA a few times before. Both times I did it with USC group. Once as a grad student, and once as an alumni because my friend Cheech was the team leader. He was working at USC at the time. My last walk in 2002, I sold my famous cookies to raise funds and made like a bandit. Financially speaking, the cookies probably cost more to make, but that was my donation to the cause.

After Cheech left USC, I haven’t gone back to walk again because it felt awkward to barge in on the USC crowd. Brandon has offered to go walk with me again, but it hasn’t quite feel the same way.

So this year, I have just sent in an application to form my own team in order to get other people who would want to do the walk but didn’t want to go it alone.

The Lesser Weevils team is waiting for approval.

Flash to Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World. Captain Jack Aubrey (my future husband Russel Crowe) and his mates were having dinner. He asked the ship’s doctor Dr. Stephen Maturin (the dreamy Paul Bettany) to choose between the two weevils writhing on the plate. Dr. Maturin picked the fat one.

Aubrey abruptly slammed the table and said, “There! I have you! You’re completely dished. Do you not know that in the service one must always choose the lesser of two weevils?”

There. That’s where the name came from.

Anyhoo. Will keep everyone posted if the team is approved. Leave a post (or email me if you know it) here if you are either interested in joining the team or want me to bug you for donation later. Because you know I will!

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