I have just finished catching up with a blog of my online friend who shall remain anonymous for now. He’s in a dilemma: he thinks he’s gay, but he’s going straight to live “normal life”, away from the “deviant way”.

First he was depressed that he didn’t know if he’s gay or straight. Then he was so happy to come out of the closet. Soon after, his parents and a monk he knows intervened. He made up his mind to correct his way. He was happy to be straight. In his latest entry, he’s once again in deep depression…being straight doesn’t help much.

Well, buddy boy. That is how you’d ALWAYS going to feel if you’re not true to yourself. Took me years to finally come to know myself and have the courage to be myself. Sure, I cheated and ran from my motherland, but that’s the cost I have to pay to have the freedom to be myself.

I pray that you’ll soon find your way too.

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