Cosmically Warped Day

Today is now officially the Cosmically Warped Day by my book.

#1 : A freight train derailed in Orange County, sending a ripple effect through the MetroLink system. My coworker Celeste was stuck out at the platform for 2 hours. And her train was also towing another malfunctioned train so it was literally crawling into LA.

#2 : My train was acting weird. He kept stopping a short distance from the platform for 5 minutes at the time for some reasons we don’t know. Did that a few times.

#3 : Tiffany and Amy are scrambling to find people attend an event happening tonight. Most people on their list are on vacation. For others, it’s just too last minute. They have 15 minutes left to find 4 people.

#4 : My eye sight is changing at an alarming rate. I couldn’t focus on the screen more than a few minutes at time. When I switched to my 10-month old prescription glasses, the pair that worked perfectly only a month or so ago, I can’t see crap. It seems the astigmatism has gotten beyond what my regular contact lenses and new glasses can handle. Thank goodness I’m going to see the optomitrist on Thurday and getting all of this figured out.

#5 : Out of the blue, Brandon called to let me know that one of the OC sheriff captains he knows, a USC Trojan fan, offered to look into getting us the USC/fucla tickets. Awefully nice of him, and it would totally kick ass if we could go. But the thing is I CAN’T go to the Game!! I’ve gone to the Game all my 4 seasons of football, and even on our best years, we lost. The year of my grad school, I didn’t go. And BAM! We won. I haven’t gone to the Game and we haven’t lost since. If we end up with the tickets, we MUST go as to not offend the captain. If it comes to that, then I would have to burn some sage or sacrifice a chicken or something…


#6 : Brandon’s captain, technically his direct boss, announced his retirement. And…

#7 : As an update to #3 – LA Dodgers won. An official seal that the day was truly cosmically warped.


So yeah. It’s all weird in my universe today. How about yours??

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