Eye Can’t See!

So the trouble with my eyes, as my new optometrist said, is because my Acuvue contact lenses don’t breath that well. Plus, with the AC in office building, my eyes also got dry out. Not to mention the eye strain from reading in low light on the train.

Back to the lenses. I guess after having used them a few years, my eyes got to a point of early suffocation. Hence the recent redness and blurry sight in the afternoon. So she put me on new lenses that “breathe” better and also compensating for astigmatism. I have a week to get used to these new ones.

So far, I’m still blurry at this hour in the day. And here I am, trying to blog. Is that dedication enough for you? 🙂

Also, she said my glasses were too strong. I saw briefly the computerized measurement and it said: Left -3.75. Right -3.5.

Okay the last time I have my contacts done it was Left -4.0. Is my left eye getting “better”? Or am I entering old age and starting to develop farsightedness. It happened to my dad after all.

Yep, Dad is wearing 2 pair of glasses at the same time. Dad went to get new glasses made for his nearsightedness, and his optometrist told him that he needed weaker prescription. Apparently, the nearsightedness seemed to have “reverse” itself somewhat. But a few months later, dad has to come back to get reading glasses made as well. He tried bifocal but damned near kill himself walking down the stairs, so his optometrist suggested he switches out when he reads.

I wonder if that’s happening to me now. I mean, why not, right? At almost 29, I already have a few grey hair. My sight might as well just go with it.

Anyhoo. Ow. My. Eye. Must. Quit.

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