Katrina may have just been the kick in my philanthropist ass I needed.

As I’m trying to lead my little AIDS Walk Team, I inquire about volunteering with local ONE Campaign. And of course, with Chris Holland as my inspiration, moved to volunteer to do data entry for the survivor database project.

And here I am, searching the internet high and low to find some place that would take the clothes I have here to folks affected by Katrina.

I wish I’m a millionaire right now. I’d buy every child affected by Katrina a teddy bear. I’d take a leave from my job and go down there to do something about it.

I REALLY want to do something to help people. Enough of watching my time idly go by and not a damn thing changed about the world. It makes me feel good, like some kind of high, from knowing I’m making a difference. Doesn’t matter how tiny that difference is.

Me, the insignificant little Oak, can make a wee bit difference. And that’s better than nothing.

That’s my signature–although I can’t vote–on the ONE Campaign letter to the president. That’s my $20 in the billion dollars bucket. Fine. I’ve just fed a family of four for 2 days, according to the Salvation Army. That’s my $10 to buy, what, half a petri dish to find cure for breast cancer and better medication for mental illness.

THAT – is making a difference. And I want to do MORE!

BTW – YES! Please support my American mom Bonnie Wilkinson at NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Walks for the Mind of America. She’s walking in Huntington Beach on October 1. Click on the NAMI Walk banner on then click to support a walker and look her up!

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