Darkness Falls…

…over Los Angeles yesterday. I was on the 34th floor.

Someone had a radio and the earlier report said that it’d take about 24 hours to fix the problems, so we were allowed to leave the darkened and stuffy building.

My original problem was that I took the Metro in. Without the electricity, I wouldn’t be able to get out of town. Ditto 2 other folks from Long Beach. But, like a knight in shining armor galanting in on a noble white steed, Greg F. drove in that morning and we begged him to drive us home…in his white Honda. And he did.

We climbed down 34 flights of stairs. Around 16th floor they announced the returned of electricity and elevators were in service. Not one to take chances, 4 of us continued the descend while a few others went to wait for the elevator. My calves are killing me.

I asked Brandon to fire up the grill last night to celebrate our escape from LA with Greg and Michael. It was truly a bizarre day.

Oh yeah, we’ve found out what’s wrong with my eyes. Apparently, I’ve been developing a mild inflammation in my eyes — hence my eyeballs are slightly warped and causing the blur. But the inflammation flared up out of control in reaction to the new contact lenses. So I’ve got my eyes dilated to help with the pain, and been put on steroid drops. I’m going back in for a check today. By the end of the week, I should have my new lenses.

You’ve read about my dilation issue from last October. Well, after 12 hours, my pupils are still quite dilated. I have to drive with that goofy UV protection plastic thing under my glasses, AND I’m wearing them now looking at the computer screen. The white screen kills my eyes right now.

Yeah. And I have my Dreamweaver homework to do still.

This week is going just great for me…. *sigh*


  1. pete*   •  

    Just browsing thru and wanted to say I love your blog. It’s a good thing you never turned on CNN during your power out (like it was possible anyway) to hear them speculating as usual about a possible terrorist attack.


  2. OakMonster   •  

    Yeah. We heard on the news about a thread earlier in the day, so we speculated the same thing.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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