Thunder roars

To quote the newsradio this morning, Mother Nature sneaks up on Los Angeles and slaps us around with rain and thunders.

B and I were awakened last night by roars of thunders. Sleepily, I muttered “It’s so weird in California where we could have thunder storms with absolutely no rain.” Having grown up in a monsoon country, yeah it’s weird when there’s all the sound with no droplets to go with them.

Brandon turned off the fan. And there they were, pounding on the roof.


As I walked up to the building from the subway station through a mild sprlinkle, lighting flashed over my head into one of the highrises. I flinched and waited for the roar. It was mildly satisfying to know that I could be walking around in this and probably wouldn’t get hit by lighting being one of the shorter things in the area.

And I discovered the best damned song to strut up the streets of Downtown LA in the rain to: The Wallflower’s One Head Light.

But by the time I reached my building, Blisters in the Sun came on. I started to giggle at the security check in. So I hit “next”. Up the elevator with Gun n’ Roses’ Sympathy for the Devil.


Yes. My MP3 collection is quite eclectic.

Thunders seem to be sending the vibration through the building. This is kind of fun. Heh.

Now, an off topic update.

The eyes issue. 2 things that affected my vision for the past, oh, month or so now: extreme dryness and inflammatory. Apparently, my eyes go so dry that something irritated them and they inflamed. Also, it appears that I’m also allergic to preservatives in eyedrops (like Visine that I’ve been using). Yesterday, by 3 p.m. I couldn’t see the letters on my computer unless I put my nose up to the screen, so I moved up my appointment and ran home to it. There were no use for me at work if I can’t see.

Still. No contacts. It was a good news, bad news situation. Good news is that the inflammation is done. Gone. Bad news is that my eyes are still left extremely dry so she couldn’t fit me with contact lenses yet.


Apparently I dropped the list of eye goop she jotted down for me in her office, the one I supposed to have been using all this week to moist up my eyeballs. So, she didn’t call me and tell me that I was supposed to be using this stuff this whole week. I’m wasting more time and still having to wait another week for my contact lense fitting.


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